LEGO 42122 – Jeep Wrangler


Here we have the build of the LEGO Jeep Wrangler. My first video with a voice commentary, but the usual build time-lapse. Is quite a nice build, with some interesting choices: we have hard axles, but a front and rear suspension (and on the rear we have shock absorbers). However is a 2 wheel drive […]

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A date with Laravel 7


Update The project is now completed and can be viewed at Searching for a job makes you aware of how things change in the world. Yesterday was all about CodeIgniter, today Laravel (and others) are the hot sauce. You can write on your CV that “you learn fast”, “adapt to new tech at the […]

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First contact with ReactJS


Looking for your next position as a Web Developer makes you realise how much the market changes. For years I’ve mainly been using CodeIgniter and mySQL for the backend, jQuery and Bootstrap for the frontend. However it is clear that today other things have taken their place: ReactJS, Vue, Laravel, to name a few. So […]

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Idle War – An idle game


What is this? A true idle game. Select your mission, decide which ships you will bring along, and sit back and relax. A project I started using vanilla javascript, but that soon after was moved to, as using a dedicated library improved dev time, but most importantly, game performance! It has been put in […]

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New play area


It had been a while, so it was time to fresh up the play area a bit, and reserve some space for future consoles coming out this year. New shelves in place of the old red ones, a few lego constructions, and it is good to go 🙂

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SimRacingManager is an online platform to manage virtual championships in the sim racing community. It started as a project for my own racing community, so we could keep track of all the races we have completed over the years, as well as get access to a myriad of statistics. Eventually I made the platform available […]

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