New play area


It had been a while, so it was time to fresh up the play area a bit, and reserve some space for future consoles coming out this year. New shelves in place of the old red ones, a few lego constructions, and it is good to go 🙂

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SimRacingManager is an online platform to manage virtual championships in the sim racing community. It started as a project for my own racing community, so we could keep track of all the races we have completed over the years, as well as get access to a myriad of statistics. Eventually I made the platform available […]

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The one hour challenge


A while ago I participated on the “One Hour Challenge“, where, starting with a fresh account on Elite Dangerous, you would try to make as much credits as possible. While I only managed second, it was an interesting challenge on a fresh new account.

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Elite Dangerous – First Thargoid kill

After a failed attempt, and a second long battle with CMDR The Tufflebumps, we managed to kill a Cyclops variant. It was a tough fight, and in the end I lost the canopy, had caustic damage on my ship’s hull, and comms went down.

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Simulation rig

After some time using a Playseat Challenge, I decided to custom build a new one, that would better suit my needs. Over time, I started to have more and more gadgets, and the Challenge just wasn’t enough anymore. In terms of consoles, at the moment I have: Xbox Crystal limited edition Xbox 360 Elite (with […]

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A much needed refresh to my personal website. This time around, decided to return to WordPress, as it is a very mature platform, and as long as it is kept up to date, a reliable one.

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