ChatGTP is scary good


I’ve started playing around with AI and explore how I can use it for day to day activities as well as potential comercial products in the horizon. I fed the following as an input: Iam a senior go developer with experience in writing APIs, using aws services like glue, Athena, lake formation, ec2 among others. […]

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A date with Laravel 7


Update The project is now completed and can be viewed at Searching for a job makes you aware of how things change in the world. Yesterday was all about CodeIgniter, today Laravel (and others) are the hot sauce. You can write on your CV that “you learn fast”, “adapt to new tech at the […]

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A much needed refresh to my personal website. This time around, decided to return to WordPress, as it is a very mature platform, and as long as it is kept up to date, a reliable one.

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