Idle War – An idle game

What is this?

A true idle game. Select your mission, decide which ships you will bring along, and sit back and relax.

A project I started using vanilla javascript, but that soon after was moved to, as using a dedicated library improved dev time, but most importantly, game performance!

It has been put in the back burner a bit, as other projects are taking precedence, but I’m hopeful that I’ll be returning to this soon.

About the game

A planet has been subject to a surprise attack. It’s up to you, and our heroes on their ships, to find out who did it and why.

The current version has 3 ships, each with its unique role: DPS, Tank and Healer. Only DPS ships will do damage to the enemies, but the other ships will buff the DPS ship(s) and also, in the case of the Tank, attract enemy fire.

XP is earned by destroying enemy ships, and for each 1000XP earned an upgrade point is earned. While XP allows you to improve the efficiency of your ship (buffing damage, hp and special powers), upgrade points allows you to unlock powerful global buffs.

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