Pcars vHUD online leaderboards

10 Mar 2016

Access online leaderboards with the times you've made and uploaded on Time Trial mode.

Project Cars vHUD 1.2 preview

15 Feb 2016

While version 1.1.50 is now available for download from the Microsoft store, work has already started on the next version, which will feature the ability to use custom made HUDs.

Project Cars companion app for Windows 10

26 Jan 2016

I've released a new app for Windows 10 (universal app) to use with Project Cars (all platforms). It gives access to different information about the game, augmenting the immersion when playing.

Thrustmaster F1 Wheel Rim

03 Sep 2015

Recently I was gifted a F1 wheel Rim for my racing rig. Quite a nice addition to it.