About & Contact

I am from Madeira Island, Portugal, born in the year of 1983. Lived on Madeira Island most of my life, but then moved to London to start a new job.

I have finished my degree in computer engineering in 2007 and the masters degree on 2008, which focused human – computer interaction.

At the moment I work at Natural Graphic, in UK, having started in the Summer of 2008.

On December 2012, I married my beautiful wife. It was time to start a family on what is now my home country.

My interests reside on developing web solutions, artificial intelligence, network security and cryptography. But also have other hobbies, as photography, outdoors, cycling and a regular gamer.

With the help of a friend and colleague, I started a webdesign and hosting services (started on October 06). You can check the website following this link.

You can contact me using e-mail at talk@oscarolim.pt